Wake Up!

I fail to understand what it takes to get the American people off their butts to stop this despicable WAR CRIME in Yemen. Nineteen million people--nearly half the country's population--are at risk of severe famine, according to the U.N. and assorted NGOs. More than 300,000 people, many of them children and aged, are infected with cholera. Cholera! 

Incessant and merciless bombing of civilian infrastructure like water lines, pumping stations, and electrical grids has poisoned the water, making it unfit for drinking, cooking, or bathing. This is germ warfare, which is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions on the laws of war and a crime against humanity. Germ warfare is forbidden! 

The U.S. Government is behind it all with strategy, weapons, and deadly ammunition. Saudi Arabia is our new little South Vietnam, a puppet seeming to pull its own strings. It is costing BILLIONS! Where is the accountability? Where the debate in Congress? Where is the cowardly Media? Where is the antiwar movement? 

Donald Trump, completely bereft of military knowledge, has given the generals authority to do just about anything they like, and is seeking more than $55 billion in new Pentagon spending. But Trump isn't the only one. For too long the disorganized Left in the United States has given Barack Obama a pass on this very same war. It did not start with Trump, although he has made it worse. Just as President Obama ramped-up the war in Afghanistan that George Bush started, the repulsive Trump has ramped-up Obama's deadly drone warfare.

However and why ever Yemen has become a horror story of war crimes equal to and exceeding war crimes that the U.S. committed in Vietnam, it has gone on too long. It is clear that Yemen, like Vietnam, is "only a pawn in their game" against Iran and Russia, as Vietnam was only a pawn in the Cold War game against China and the Soviet Union. 

Yemenis need humanitarian assistance and relief from this war of genocide. The American people must wake up and show up to stop this monstrous madness now.


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