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Mickey Lee

The pretty woman on the left with the white-fringed neckline is my mother, born Mickey Lee, leaving the plutonium-processing plant of the Manhattan Project with other secretarial staff at Oak Ridge, TN, in 1945 after two atom bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki had ended WW II. At her left is her sister Jessica and half-hidden behind her is their mother, my amazing grandmother Louise (Conaly) Lee. After the war the plant was open for family to visit for the first time. My older sister Pat and I were there preparing to have our tonsils removed, though I did not need the operation. Note the two black women at the far edge of the crowd. Blacks lived in poorer ent quarters with wood floors, better than their usual abodes, and nobody thought much about that then. 
There is no comparison between her life and mine. My mom grew up during the Great Depression. When the stock market crash of 1929 threw millions out of work, making the Great Recession of the past decade resemble a burp in the econ…

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