We Are Not Amused

While we are amused or horrified by the latest vulgarity, Trump's generals and intelligence strategists have been unleashed in the Middle East, beginning their war with Iran and Russia in the poor little country of Yemen, where 300,000 people now have contracted cholera. Cholera! Nineteen million, nearly half the country's population, have been declared by the U.N. to be in imminent danger of "severe famine," as a result of the incessant bombing of civilians and infrastructure which has destroyed the water and sewage systems, pump stations and wells, hospitals and schools, the electrical grid, the waste disposal system, the entire health system, and the defenseless population of the poorest country in the region. It is a proxy war paid for and weaponized by tax paying citizens of the United States, with Saudi Arabia playing South Vietnam, and the same scenario: the U.S. didn't care what became of Vietnam because it was "only a pawn in their game" of the Cold War against China and the Soviet Union. We are seeing a re-play, Yemen as a pawn in the war against Iran and Russia. While we may be amused or horrified at the latest outrageous lie or vulgar insult...Yemenis are in dire need of humanitarian assistance and an internationally-supervised cease fire.


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