Immoral On the Face of It

We're all looking for the key to fighting the dictator and his billionaire, fascist cronies. I've settled on the narrative that ours is a moral struggle, and our strategy should be to fight them on the battlegrounds of morality. What they are doing, and what they propose to do, is immoral. Cutting Meals for Wheels, denying the aged their one hot meal, dumping childcare, pre-school care, and after-school care, and destroying public education generally, by putting a dummy billionaire in charge of education with zero experience in education, is immoral. The attack on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid is immoral. Ruthlessly rising drug prices is immoral. Congressional complicity with the lobbies of the billionaires is immoral (and illegal). Sending 11 million people back to Latin America is immoral. Building a wall to separate our peoples is immoral. The attack on science is immoral. Restricting the Internet to squelch communication and throttle democracy is immoral. The neglect of the environment and horrendous, factory-like slaughter of animal and ocean life is immoral. We are not the only species with rights on planet earth. Neither were we meant to harvest everything on it simply because we can. It is immoral to foul Mother Earth.
And that is only the beginning. Their war in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa, is immoral. Thousands die every week under our bombs, some that we drop, some that we pay others to drop. This is immoral. Murder is immoral. Torture and the war on terror are immoral. The growing threat of war in North Korea and the Baltic is immoral. All wars are against the law, and truth is the first to die. It is immoral to lie. Hypocrisy is immoral. These Republicans and their fascist-Nazi friends have been staking out the high ground on morality and "family values" for decades. It is a wonder that anyone at all believes it anymore.
And let us remember, when the top one percent owns more than the bottom ninety, it is immoral on the face of it.
At the same time, we must check ourselves and see where we also have done or proposed or supported immoral acts, and correct them if we can, or else we have no moral weapon to fight with. We must not equivocate. We must clean up our act to have a moral ground to stand upon. We have said with certainty that Trump and his administration is unethical. But ethics are derived from moral values.


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