Sharp Tongue

All this Cultural Revolution stuff is great and artists’ calls to action are welcome but the fact is art can’t change the world. It can point the way make us think or make us laugh cry or shit in our pants, but art itself is merely an expression…a wish… a vision… a dream…a nightmare…a complaint…or a pretty picture, and changes nothing except perhaps someone’s perception or bank balance in small pockets of consciousness here and there.

The only thing that will change this world in a fundamental and meaningful way…materially mentally and spiritually…is cultural political and military struggle resulting in complete overthrow of existing oppressive institutions and their military power. If you had in mind a peaceful revolution and a change of mind in the traditional ruling classes of Earth without military struggle what were you thinking? Do you know anything of history? Do you think you can embarrass them into sharing their wealth? Do you think you can appeal to their better natures? Do you think you can shame them or persuade them to obligingly hand over to you the power and resources which make them kings of the Earth?

You can shout dance and twist your ass into a pretzel…poke holes in your lips and ears put tattooed arrows on your back pointing to your anus…let your pants hang so low we see your ugly black balls…shout on the corner until the birds fly away…you can scrawl graffiti on the upper tip of the Empire State Building and staple posters into aluminum pylons,…you can organize your ass off peacefully for a hundred years with petitions demonstrations appeals networking fundraisers poster parties cakewalks concerts and orgies…you can pour gasoline on your head immolate yourself in front of the Pentagon to wild applause…or win the Nobel Peace Prize for starting he First Nuclear War in Outer Space… you can convert the entire Congress and the National Rifle Association to Buddhism peaceful co-existence and public nudity…you can turn Cheney into a communist or the President white and Bar Mitzvah the Pope...but as soon as your actions actually threaten to destroy or change the basic property holdings and power arrangements of the existing order their military will come a-calling. Where will your military be when it does? What, your revolution has no military? What will you do then to stop them from erasing the progressive work of centuries perhaps? If your revolution has no military capability it certainly is not serious.

I hear the feminists and pacifists scoffing and shouting that’s more of the same old patriarchal bullshit…garbage-thinking…violence and force…armies and navies…bullets and bombs…macho male chauvinist pigs!...and of course they are right who wouldn’t rather submit to pussy power…I would for sure…give me that over a stick in the eye any day…it wouldn’t be anything different for me I been a slave all my life. ..but these are the rules of the revolution game…we’re talking about power and money here babe…castles in Switzerland…factories in Germany…plantations in Brazil…skyscrapers in Manhattan…warehouses of warplanes in Seattle…atom bomb factories in Pakistan…oil wells in Bahrain…trillion dollar aircraft carriers!...banks with whole countries in the vault!...enough gold to plug an active volcano!…more money than you ever dreamed of babe…they won’t let any of it go without a fight get real…so as long as you’re sitting around dreaming your arty dreams of a peaceful takeover scrawling your scrawny graffiti congratulating yourselves for being artist-activists and demanding they paint the White House green…and plant the Rose Garden in sunflowers…I want you to know I can’t take your revolution serious till you start training cadre to build an army…they don’t come ready-made…you can’t call one up at the last minute...this ain’t 1774…soldiers today they’re robots they don’t care you’re Americans…if their fancy masters tell them to shoot your ass they will shoot your ass.

There’s only one way to win a revolution…total commitment... fearless before death…total secrecy…full speed 24/7…get those together and you might have a chance.
Then if you get all this together you must always be where they think you are not…strike where they never expect…anticipate their every move…never sleep in the same place twice…never fight unless you can win…learn from every mistake…critique every move twice…study how he means to kill you and what he does wrong…demote the incompetent and hidebound…kill all informers…oh yeah and incidentally feed the people lower their taxes make them conscious of their duty to humanity and each other…show them their true interest teach them to read and oh yes…also teach them to fight…If you can do that better than the government you might have a shot.

Or you can try to “work within the system.” It’s your choice I don’t care. What the hell you been to college and I’m a high school dropout. I don’t want any part of it anymore. I’m old now. I never had much fun. I’m broke and sick feeling friendless and haven’t had any pussy for 10 years. I’m sober but I’m lonely. I’m tired of this shit and don’t feel like being a server at the Salvation Army. I’m tossing in the towel. As soon as I have enough dough I’m moving to Thailand…get a pretty young housemaid who likes to fuck and lay around… who doesn’t care how old I am as long as I pay the rent. That’s my dream now. I’ll be dead soon enough it’s too late to change me. American girls don’t like me and I wouldn’t buy one anyway. Take your revolution and shove it. Shove it up your ass maybe there it’ll do some good.

Of course I don’t mean a word of all that. I’m just pissed off tonight, that’s all. I have this sharp tongue sometimes.


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