it's enough to make you cry

It's Etta James singing "I'd rather go blind, boy/than to see you walk away from me"...the chill of this room is finally gone after an hour's snowing out...wind is picking up...sun is coming up..."something deep down in my soul said cry, girl"...I was hanging in a bar on 125th Street in 1987, and playing this song to death after finally accepting the end of recovering that one...or any of them for that matter...icebergs melting in my wake...I'm steaming on...fuck 'em all...the ones I had and the ones I didn't...the disaster that's coming down on me now dwarfs anything I ever anticipated's a losing race with the State and no race at all with Death...which will get here first is anybody's guess and I care less and less.

Shazia Massih, 12, a skinny little house-slave in Pakistan, was probably beaten to death by her employer or someone connected with the big shot lawyer...under arrest...who is a pillar of something legal over there...where 40 percent of the people live in extreme poverty...amid the luxury of those profiting somehow from the military dictatorship that's ruled since "Independence" in 1947.

In Haiti where misery is traditional...the American military has spent its time pointing guns at people to prevent "looting," and has been rescuing and re-patriating American citizens to their own comfortable country...just to the north...and has done precious little if anything for a million or more suffering Haitians...somebody forgot to tell them to bring ambulances and other means of transport for the crushed black poor people...oh...and medicine.

Another thing our efficient military has done has been to divert private and NGO aid shipments, and particularly those containing medicine and medical equipment, to places like the Dominican Republic and Panama...much-needed equipment of Physicians Without Borders ended up in Panama...the airport at Port-au-Prince was "secured" by our troops and the runway was reserved for the American military first...our heroes.

Meanwhile Cuba with 450 doctors and six fully-equipped hospital tents is treating 600-plus serious injuries a day...another 1,500 doctors from the dreadful communist threat has been tending the poorest in Amazonia for years now...where do they get all these doctors?...from their medical schools, stupid.

The American Media having masturbated itself to exhaustion...while managing to avoid covering the Cubans and others who are working themselves to preparing to leave for the next sensation wherever it is...maybe more extensive coverage of Sarah Palin...or a three-day special on the Lives of the Stars...or an in-depth examination of Avatar.

The American people put up with this shit.

It's Super Bowl Sunday...ninety million people are gonna be watching it's said...that's a lot of beer and chips and billions of buffalo wings...I can't imagine anything more fattening or boring...the din from the hoorah bars across the land will drown out any wails from the Caribbean.

New Orleans is going bugfuck over the Saints in their first-ever...New Orleans (party till you drop) is where Hurricane Katrina played The Prelude to Haiti a few years ago...some might recall that opera...remember the people dying of thirst on rooftops and all that? What a show, eh? What a cast of characters.

The elections are coming around again...but it's another Hobson's choice.

It's enough to make you cry.

Or angry.


Wes said…
Very fine, Mike - if you get a chance, see "Avatar" - you may change your mind.
By Mike Havenar said…
I saw Avatar. Dancing With Wolves Goes to Mars and saves the colored people again. Tree of Life destroyed. It's been told better.

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