The War in Greece

What's going on in Greece is fascinating. To me it is a continuance of an ancient and noble struggle historically passionate and often violent but Grecian and necessary. No one has given more to the world than the Greeks. Today we witness an increasingly vicious struggle between fascists and anarchists. In that squalid but hallowed and nearly unrecognizable lump of modern Athens is a seething contest against robotic soldiers in modern armor cracking the heads and breaking the bones of men and women who believe they are fighting for democracy. But their war is the same for prosperity and power that the poor have waged against the rich unceasingly for uncountable centuries. It is heartbreaking but inspiring to serious students of history and manners and of governments and anarchism. Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism are only different economic systems and none will disappear as long as ideas remain but they are only subtexts in the great history being scribbled before the bewildered witness of the masses. The true story is invisible to the confused oracles of Media, who are mere modern Sophists concerned only with materialism. They are blinded by the smoke of disinformation and the evil of outright lies. Beneath the masks of their hidden masters there are indifferent monsters whose existence is undeniable and whose fate is anyone's guess. Where are the noble Euripides and Aristophanes who can stage this ongoing drama for our edification and amusement? Come forth! I have not the knowledge skill or time left to write it myself.


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